Wondering about ants hidden evidence of 1500 years in the Al-Quran!

World and Nature

Allah is very simple in some verses, simple Some are in the middle of a story or conversation With all the extraordinary information released

See the following verse Where Allah Give us a wife ants Just a word in the middle With us ants What kind of facts about Gave: “And when they are in the valley of ants Arrived, an ant (The wife) said, “O ants! Enter your houses, So that Solomon and his The army does not crush you without understanding.

You would think, that’s it Like a little children’s story book. The ants here What is new about Allah? To us. Notice this The verse is Allah Us ants Some information about:”An ant said” –
The ants are here called the female gender, the male Not gender. Home
Outside the wife is ants, men Not ants.

We are now I know wife ants, ants, Men are for breeding purposes only Survives “Ants” – whose plural form Meaning, one wife grows one with another Multiple Instruction to ants Can give Ants pheromones Of a chemical called Sensitive to and By which they are each other Contact also Ants of some species are near-Field produces surround sound Communication with ants By doing Thus an ant is the same Can signal multiple ants as well.

In this verse Allah said the word “said” Use Which is what people talk about Use Which means people sound like that Speaking with, He used the word ants Communicate by Which scientists have for years Discover earlier Did. Even a few years ago Scientists thought ants were a word Can’t and listening to their words No power “Enter your homes” The ants have multiple houses. An ants nest is very attached The house And certain ants live in certain homes.

The ants know if the ants live in the house If they enter, then none of them Won’t hurt The ants’ home is one for the architect Surprise And civil engineering excellence Patterns. “So Solomon” The ants recognized the Prophet Solomon. Which means, ants are a lot of people Can recognize certain people from within. As such, a dog is easily owned by its owner Can recognize Human Pheromones are also extracted from ga.

It is thought that the wife may be ants Get out of the mouth of the Prophet Solomon The pheromone signature He knew her, too It is important to note here that the wife grows ants Danger Can signal by realizing it Them There is so much intelligence that they are in danger Can ignite already. “And His Forces” – The ants understood That is a force coming Feel the vibration on the ground with the feet. That is why they can understand from a distance Whether coming towards them. “Do not grind you without understanding”

The wife’s ants already They realized that the Prophet Solomon
And his Without understanding the forces will crush the ants.
So the wife ants her surroundings The situation is in danger
About nature already Understand. For scientists, this verse is Allah
Too many hints Left with
1. All the ants that live outside the house
The wife grinds.
2. Ants are always inside the house.
3. All staff are ants wife.
4. A thousand ants Contact with thousands of ants Chemical substances and odors With.
5. Thousands of ants signals Getting the moment In the house
There was very little collision when entering.
6. Each ants individually Wisdom is small, but thousands Ants are collectively superior Introduces intelligence Called “Swar Intelligence”
7. Any social class format of ants Don’t have They have no leader.
How many thousands of ants?

The leader of the party, the king or queen, grows Except everyone has their own busines Well done, it still is What a great surprise And this is the last twenty years Research is underway. Strange to say, 1500 years Hold on to this Hidden information is current In the era The rest of the Qur’an will go ahead Information.

In this way, the sun will shine on the earth That is the religion The Book, and that is the Qur’an.

Rendering: Sabbir Hossain



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