The Quran is a great book in recognition of the miracles of science and scientists! Episode-02_khulnatv

The Quran is a great book in recognition of the miracles of science and scientists! Episode-02

ধর্ম ও জীবন

British astronomer Ford Abel says scientists have said the universe was created by an explosion, but we know that the material that explodes with an explosion never obeys or rules out. But in the case of the Big Bang or the Big Bang, the opposite happened. It’s wonderful. So if a systematic and well-established system was created through the Big Bang, one must admit that there was divine intervention. On the other hand, the existence of a planet called the earth is wonderful.

It is a planet where all living things are arranged for the life of an animal, which is by no means accidental. Therefore, the world we live in is bearing witness to the existence of a Creator who created everything from nothing and gave perfect discipline in creation. Divine revelation or revelation, and intelligence or wisdom are the two main sources of human knowledge. Many mysteries and realities of the world have been made clear to man by the revelation that the Great Allah has sent to the Prophets. People also gain some knowledge by harnessing their talents or talents, their experience and effort.

Thinking about the relationship between these two sources, thinkers have done many studies over the ages. Many believe that much of modern science’s information is in harmony with the contents of the Holy Quran. They called it the scientific miracle of the Qur’an. Knowledge or information about the natural sciences unveils many secrets of the world to us and provides us with thoughts about the great power, power, craft and artistic skill of the great God. In the Holy Qur’an, the great God states that everything in between the heavens and the earth has been created in six ages. There has been a lot of research on this statement. France’s Maurice Bucaille and Laplace, Russia’s George Gamouf think that the information given in the Qur’an is in line with new scientific realities.

More than 3 verses of this great book have come to speak about the mystery of the universe. Various things in the world of creation are playing their respective roles according to the demands of rules and goals. Many wonderful signs of creation inform people about the greatness, excellence, and structure of the world. For example, there are various earth or planetary planets in which the gravitational power, movement and maintenance of the planets are their respective axis centers. Scientist Newton has discovered even deeper realities after discovering the force of gravity. He says, “Explaining the power of gravity is not enough to explain the wonders of the planetary world. In fact, one source, very powerful and enlightened, has calculated precisely the path, speed, spacing, etc. of these planets, and has placed these planets in a fixed axis. And this source is God.

In verse 2 of Surah Rad of the Holy Quran there is a hint about the power of gravity. This verse says, “Allah, who has set the heavens above the heavens with invisible pillars or without visible pillars. Then he is on the throne (that is, under the control of world power). And placed the sun and the moon. Everyone rotates at a given time. He rules all things, reveals signs so that you will be sure of meeting your Lord.

In the Qur’an, the Great Allah says that the heavens are decorated or decorated with stars. Encouraging him to think about these things, he says, “Do they not look at the sky above them and how do I build and decorate them?” There are no holes or cracks in it. ” Almighty Allah speaks of the sun and its light, the moon and its motions, and the creation of these things.

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Publicity: Md. Sabbir Hossain


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