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The Bengali Mind is the Autumn of Life

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Reporter MN Ali Shiplu: After a long journey, the autumn of life has started in nature again. It started a few days ago. I was not writing about the autumn of life due to my busy schedule. After a while the description of the autumn of life began in the Bengali mind. I have been waiting for autumn for many days. Last Monday (August 16) was the first day of autumn, i.e. 1 Bhadra. It has been raining since early morning. The autumn has come with the rhythm of the drizzle of rain on the raft of clouds and has made the chest of nature beautiful.

Imagination is added to the raft of white floating clouds in the open sky of autumn. The thoughts of the scattered mind are like the fragrance of Hasnahena flowers swaying in the autumn nature. The vivid thoughts of nature, therefore, want to fall into poetry in an instant.

In the solitude of the autumn night, the crickets call around to find the meaning of life. Breaking the stalemate makes life meaningful. With the exuberant arrival of Kashful, liveliness returns to the desert of the mind. The sprouted heart became the natural canvas.

I remember the gathering of autumn lovers in the Kashful forest of Russell Eco Park on the banks of Rupsha in the heart of the city. Rupsa’s water sways in the autumn wind. Seeing one’s own shadow on the river water in the golden sun, one has to search for oneself again and again. Bird’s call spreads a new message in the autumn morning in nature. The most desirable mind rushes to surrender in the middle of autumn red nature. Welcome to the autumn of life (Bhadra-Ashwin) even though it is late.



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