Pride of bengali 'Padma Bridge vs world recordkhulna tv sabbir

The pride of the Bengali nation ‘Padma Bridge of dreams vs world record’ strange!

World and Nature

The Padma Bridge of the Bengali Nation’s Pride Dream vs. the World Record (and see how in Allah:

The capacity of ‘Fraction Pendulum Bearings’ on this bridge is 10,000 tons. So far no such bearing has been installed on any bridge. The Padma Bridge has been built to withstand a magnitude 9 earthquake on the Richter scale.

The next world record is the bearing between the pillar and the span. Each bearing weighing 10,500 metric tons has been used here. Never before on earth has such a large bearing been used on a bridge.

The Padma Bridge has set a record by using the world’s largest crane to build the bridge.

The crane used to place the span on the pillar was brought from China. It has to pay 30 lakh rupees per month. The total cost in three and a half years has been 12 crore 70 lakh rupees. The crane has been rented for so long to build the first bridge in the world. The nut of this crane is two thousand five hundred crore rupees.

Both concrete and steel have been used in the construction of the Padma Bridge. Concrete and steel have never been used together to build bridges in the world. In other words, the bridges are made of concrete or steel.

The other record is related to river-governance. An area of ​​14 km (1.6 km at Mawa end and 12.4 km at Jajira end) has been brought under river rule. More than Tk 9,400 crore has been spent on this river governance. The Padma Bridge project is spread over three districts.

Mawa in Munshiganj, Jajira in Shariatpur and Shibchar in Madaripur. The river is being governed so that the Padma bridge is not damaged due to various reasons including erosion. It has been implemented at a cost of Tk 8,608.61 crore.


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