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What is the toll of Padma bridge in Bangladesh?

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The toll rate of Padma bridge:

On 28 April 2022, the Ministry of Bridges sent to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for approval the proposed toll rate for the Padma Bridge. It was published in the form of a notification after the approval of the Prime Minister’s Office.

On 17 May 2022, the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges issued a circular fixing different toll rates for different modes of transport.
According to the toll rate set by the government, a motorbike crossing the Padma Bridge costs 100 rupees,

Cars & Jeeps 750, Pick-up will cost tk 1,200 and microbus will have to pay tk 1,300 toll. In case of buses, small bus (31 seats) will have to pay one thousand 400 tk, medium bus (32 seats or more) two thousand rupees, big bus (three-axle) two thousand 400 tk.

In addition, small truck (up to 5 tons) one thousand 800 rupees, medium truck (more than 5 tons and up to eight tons) two thousand 100 tk, medium truck (more than 8 tons and maximum 11 tons) two thousand 800 tk,

truck (three- Excel (up to five thousand 500 tk), trailer (up to four-excel) six thousand tk. And with the trailer (more than four-axle) six thousand will be added one thousand five hundred rupees for each axle.

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