A young man made himself a dog for 12 lakh taka

A young man made himself a dog for 12 lakh taka


People do nothing to satisfy their hobby. Some people want expensive cars, some people want tattoos all over their body. Someone’s mobile and someone’s bike. This time, a young man from Japan spent 12 lakhs to fulfill his hobby. He became a dog. And the net world is in a frenzy over such cases.

Although no one has ever heard of the hobby of becoming a dog from a human, it has actually happened. Japanese youth Toko turned into a dog for hobby. There is no way to know if he was ever human. He fulfilled his hobby by giving thumbs up to relatives, friends and society.

But how is this impossible? Thinking of being transformed from a human into a dog through some surgery? It is not like that at all.
Toko has been attracted to dogs since childhood.

But becoming was no longer happening. Finally he contacted a costume designing company. Her mission is to create a costume that looks exactly like a dog. No one can catch. Like talk like action. Toko was informed by the organization – he will have to pay 12 lakhs for that.

Hoping to fulfill his dream, Toko said yes without thinking about money. And the hobby is fulfilled by getting the clothes in hand. No one would mistake Toko for a human in that costume. He is caught in the form of a dog.

As soon as such an incident goes viral, the net world is in a frenzy. Everyone is crowding the social media to see the picture.

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