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The importance and significance of moving the foot or air in the story

Mankind and Animals

When saw in the newspaper that the price of gas will come down due to this year’s budget. I will not talk badly about the budget. However, there are some gases on which taxes should be levied. When he falls into the realm of gas, his life goes to hell.

I first noticed it in my childhood. My classmate at school made a ‘pot’ sound from the buttocks, took the fist and left it over my face and said, “Eat the foot”. The stench. I did not understand how this substance can be eaten.

Then in hostel life. My roommate is Rustum Sadhak. We used to call him Rustum Padak. There was a strange ability to leave his air. Drim drim sound. We would have been shocked to hear that word. Yoga to lock the ears. Of course there was no smell. This is the only person I have ever seen in my short life who had to touch our ears without touching our noses.

My friend Neyamat. He used to do resurrection on foot. One of the living legends of the series. Like a telephone ring. It’s too late. Vibration would have been given to his back. Otherwise, how would this word be, broo … ta, broo … ta, broo …. ta, ….

As soon as he noticed that someone else had left the air in front of him, he would immediately say, “But you are indebted.” After a while, he did not hesitate to pay the debt. Transactions are always clear.

One day in a chat room. The competition started before the game started. Who can pay how much. The contestants (don’t say the name, they will remand me instead of eating and drinking) are no less than anyone.
Noise pollution, air pollution together. Leaving their air is the essence of our life. Somehow I escaped. Later one day he said to me, “You can’t stand a little bit of a foot.

We try to kill each other with our feet. “I felt it was mortal. Later I got a lot of important information about it. I knew the types of feet, I knew the types of feet.

Many types of feet-
Squeaky foot: This foot is almost unheard of and fast. Its importance in corporate life is infinite.
Sudden noise: It has no pair to break the silence.
Dense foot: Zero second pulse. One of the important branches of the series foot.

Infectious foot: Padicha (desire to give foot) infects others as soon as one gives. Hereditary foot: In the lineage, this foot is given by the heirs. Holder and bearer of tradition.

Inexperienced foot: This foot is not easily delivered. It has to be forced out with utmost attention and patience.

Nuclear foot: Its effectiveness is similar to that of a nuclear bomb. The process of its spread over a long time and place.
Missile foot: This foot is given to target a distant target (nose).

Chorapad: Whoever gives this foot in the middle of the crowd, he quickly moves away. Highly effective foot. Padak is not to blame.
Package foot: This foot can be given according to the specific amount of demand. I saw a person who would pay 50 rupees for 5 rupees. Kneel down, upside down, with the pillow under the chest, the buttocks upside down in various poses.

Mamun used to give us a foot called ‘naughty foot’. We had an idea, he would never clean the bathroom. Russell used to say, “If you put a net with this foot of water, you will lose two minds. You understand, there are innumerable types of feet.

Leguminous group plants such as radishes, carrots, turnips, etc. have a great reputation as raw materials for plants. However, the simple food of an experienced pedestrian is enough. Prominent foot expert said. Among the constituents of Rot On Janan-Pad are Padoxide, Padanamide, Gulcaloid, Hagan-Dey-Oxide, Padakuric Acid etc. According to him, the importance of foot in human life is immense.

My idea is that my friends have contributed a huge part to the Earth’s atmosphere. However, if it continues like this, one day the name of the atmosphere will have to be changed. So we need to put some tax on their feet and give them some restraint.

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