Father means a tool to fulfill needs but father needs little

লাইফ স্টাইল

The father lost in the judgment of the country’s court The mother got all three of the three children Fathers always lose It is in consideration of religious, state or reality I am a father Still my daughter wakes up and looks for her mother first If there is any pain or illness, it is not the father, but the mother who cries When I have an argument with her mother, no need to consider the situation,

the girl is always on the mother’s side Muslim law states that the father is the legal guardian of a minor child, but the mother is the guardian. Above all, fathers are always in charge

But when I wake up in the middle of the night, when I look at the girl’s face in the dim light, I think life is not bad. Even if the girl sneezes unexpectedly, a cloud accumulates in the corners of the eyes, my world is dark Mother carried him for 9 months However,

I can calculate how many hours I slept every day of these nine months I will carry my daughter till death in-sha-Allah But not in any responsibility but in ‘unconditional love’ But I know, I am always in charge

Children expect mother’s voice first on the other side of the phone Mother is mediocre in domestic conversation, lack of comfort in talking with father Baba means expectation,

Father means tool to fulfill needs Father means going like a donkey Of course, no father is tired of it Because fathers are tired But when it comes to recognition, I know why dads always lag behind Fathers are the Himalayas, fathers are very helpless



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