Corona virus is a blessing Message from a former Egyptian parliamentarian!

মোটিবেশনাল গল্প ও শিক্ষা

Don’t hate the corona virus (Covid-19) It brings humanity back Has brought people back to their Creator and to their morality. It closed bars, night clubs, brothels, casinos.

This has lowered the interest rate. Brought family members together Pornography has stopped. It stopped eating dead an forbidden animals So far, a third of military spending has shifted to healthcare Arab country banned babies. Corona virus is forcing people to pray.

It has ruled dictators and their power People are now worshiping God God rather than improvement and technology. It is forcing authorities to look into its prisons and detainees.

It taught people how to sneeze and cough, as our Prophet taught 7 years ago, corona virus now teaches us to spend time in our homes, to live simple lives, not to compete indiscriminately.

At the same time we thank God for awakening our consciousness and giving God the opportunity to ask forgiveness and help. For those who are knowledgeable there is a great valuable lesson in this.


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