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Age is not a barrier, Like the falcon we have to move forward with new initiative

World and Nature মোটিবেশনাল গল্প ও শিক্ষা

The hawk lives for about 70 years, but at 40 he has to make an important decision. During this time 3 major organs of his body become weak : –
1) Toenails
2) Lips
3) Wings

As a result, the 3 tasks of finding, catching and eating prey gradually became difficult for hawks. Then 3 ways are open for him.
1) Suicide
2) Eat to die like a vulture

3) The newly created hawk nests in a high mountain and starts trying to live anew. He first hit the house with a stone and broke his lips and nails. Then waiting for new nails and lips to grow. When the nails and lips grow, the hawk rips off all the feathers of its wings. She endures great hardship and waits for the new shepherd.

All in all, after 150 days of rigorous testing, the hawk returns to its new life, becoming faster and smarter than before.

Summary: There are many ups and downs in our life but we should not give up.

Age is not an obstacle. Like a hawk, we will leave our past behind and move forward with endless strength towards a new future.


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