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Advantage and Disadvantage of Sleeping On the Floor

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Advantage of sleeping on the floor:

Sleeping on the floor can make your body language are Straight line and maintain our spines that it will straighten and lengthens our spine. On this process helps to strengthen and strengthen our body.

If there is a permanent pain in the body, it will be reduced so that your body will be able to perform its proportions in a consistent manner. At the meantime we maintain our physical well being and increase blood circulation thus reducing the risk of high blood pressure and fell free anxiety. It’s make to help our body to get a stretch when we sleeping it can help us to go to a state of Deep in sleep.

As a result of sleeping on the floor we can get up to sleep fast and want to get the benefits of our daily work. So that’s best way to simpler and cheaper way to maintain an overall health.

Disadvantage of sleeping on the floor:

Sleeping on the floor may be fast we can affected feeling cold that’s because we can get sick with a variety of physical symptoms, including cold sores so it’s bad for our body.

If you do not have to sleep on the floor to understand body language before bed, there can be a lot of danger. Besides, sleeping on the floor especially in winter is very harmful to our body and when we sleep on the floor our whole body is in a tight place so it is possible to feel pressure in that area. In addition, we move our body parts during sleep.

It has the potential to be a hazard on the hard floor, but due to the soft foam in the matrix bed, it does not hurt the body and leads to rest without sleep. In the end, if we sleep on the floor there can be many problems as the floor is always down, dust, sand and dirt.

If sleeping here, various germs can enter our body and the biggest thing is the possibility of biting insects. These can be very harmful to sleeping on our floor.

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